The ordered products are delivered around the whole world.
The goods are sent packed in envelopes, boxes or pallets

Delivery costs:

Personal receipt (Gdynia, Poland)

Delivery Poland

  • Priority registered letter (prepayment): PLN 11,30
  • Shipment weighing max. up to 1 kg: PLN 13,00
  • Shipment weighing max. up to 2kg: PLN 24,00
  • Shipment over 2kg - individual fee valuation
  • FEDEX COURIER: Courier shipment (prepayment): shipment up to 30kg: PLN 25
  • above 30 kg - individual fee valuation

Delivery World

  • Articles of the total weight of up to and over 50kg: FedEx transport company (beyond European Union) individual pricing
  • Articles of the total weight of over 50kg : individual pricing

Sending data including: street, postal code, city and country via e-mial is essential for individual pricing.

When we are out of stock for ordered products the time to prepare order is up to 45 working days from the day of the order placement.